AceThermalModeler : a tool to generate compact thermal models for optimized thermal management policies


Temperature is a major constraint in modern electronic systems, whether it is induced by new processes with higher leakage and frequencies or by a harsh environment on which the system is operating. Thermal issues discovered late in a design project have a strong impact on time to market and on the bill-of-material and reduce the return on investment for the project.

In most electronic companies, thermal simulations are handled by a group of thermal experts whom become very rapidly overloaded by design managers requests. AceThermalModeler is meant to be a bridge between thermal experts, system architects and design managers to enable a larger exploration of the design solutions’ space in search of the right configuration for power and thermal performances.

The system representation in AceThermalModeler captures the expertise of the thermal specialists and the generated models are usable by non-thermal experts who can then compute steady state thermal responses or transient coupled power and thermal simulations on any number of use cases at a fraction of the time needed by thermal analysis software.

With AceThermalModeler, the thermal team can provide more services to the rest of the company while spending more time on expertise work.


Use AceThermalModeler to

- Avoid additional costs

by detecting potential thermal issues early in the project design flow

- Improve power and thermal management policies like load balancing for multicore systems to avoid hot spots and thermal gradients during operations

by simulating the transient thermal behavior of your system on realistic use cases

by automating the exploration of different power and thermal management policies

- Improve device reliability

by detecting peak temperatures on realistic use cases

by analyzing thermal gradients between IP blocks to avoid mechanical stress and timing issues

- Secure specifications and power budgets

by simulating the coupling between power and temperature for more accurate estimates

- Quickly analyze and secure a Request for Change that may impact the power/thermal specification closure

by providing system architects with an easy to use modeling tool to generate fast models and derivatives


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Shorten lead time to find out a system configuration that meets power, thermal and cost specifications

Automate what-if analysis on packaging solutions, 2D and 3D assemblies, material selection, power consumers floorplanning, or power management policies

Reduce over design by simulating thermal responses on realistic dynamic use cases

Improve multiple teams productivity by acting as a bridge between thermal experts, chip-package designers and system architects: models generated by AceThermalModeler are usable by non-thermal experts

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